Bumper Cars for Sale

What Is Bumper Car?

The bumper car or dodgem is a type of family rides which is driven by the riders in an enclosed space and at the fairground, amusement park, carnival and theme park, etc., to bump into other cars in the same area. Dodgem is also a model of kids rides. There is a rubber tire surrounding the bumper cars to buffer the force generated by colliding with other dodgems, so the bumper car ride is safe enough for the passengers to drive. The bumper car ride draws power from the floor, ceiling or the battery integrated into it. The dodgem cars are also called as bumping cars, dodging cars and dashing cars. The dodgem bumper cars are the popular amusement park equipment for entertaining people.

Bumper Car/Dodgem for Sale
Bumper Car/Dodgem for Sale

Model Number: BMC-G1
Passenger Number: 2
Size: 1.9*1.1*0.9m
Power: 200W
Voltage: 24VDC
Material: Fiberglass & Steel
Loading Weight: 150kg
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Bumper Cars/Dodgems Categories

Ground-Grid Bumper Car Ride

The dodgem bumper car has a conductive floor with a power polarity and contacts under it. While the contacts touch the floor, a circuit will be formed. After the operator remotely turns on the bumper cars, the riders can steer the wheels to chase and hit other dodgems in the closed space.
There is another new way to electrically power the bumper cars. The new method lays metal strips carrying supply current across the floor that is separated by insulating spacers. However, one thing to be aware of is that the bumper car body should be large enough to cover no less than 2 metal strips at any one time. The contacts under the dodgem bumper car with voltage polarity touch the strips and provide a complete circuit for the cars. As one of our major rides, the ground grid bumper car totally can fit your requirements.

Because this kind of amusement park cars has special requirements on the space where at least the conductive floor shall be built, it can also be categorized as indoor bumper cars.

Ground Grid Bumper Car for Sale
Ground Grid Bumper Car

Model Number: BMC-G2
Size: 1.95*1.15*0.96m
Voltage: 48V
Weight: 200kg
Speed: 6-10km/h
Color: Customized
Capacity: 2 Persons
Material:FRP & Steel
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Ceiling-Grid Dodgem Cars

The dodgem cars draw power from the ceiling. The power supply system is mounted on the ceiling, so there is no need to build the conductive floor. The conductive ceiling is the essential part of the amusement parks where the amusement ceiling gird dodgems are settled. When the contacts mounted on the pole touch the ceiling, the bumper cars are connected with electricity, and then the operator can remotely turn on or turn off the cars. Once the bumper car you ride on is activated, you can enjoy the exciting feeling brought by bumper car racing.

ceiling grid dodgems cheap
Ceiling Grid Bump Car for Sale

Model Number: BMC-C1
Size: 1.95 x 1.15 x 0.96m
Voltage: DC 90V
Power: 0.35kW
Speed: 8-10kh/m
Color: Customized
Capacity: 2 Persons
Material:FRP & Steel
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Battery-Operated Dodgems

The electric bumper cars are fitted with a high-power battery, and the battery inside the vehicle drives it to move. Battery bumper cars are much more versatile, flexible and practical. Unlike the ground-grid and ceiling-grid dodgems needs to work with a power grid, this bumper cars just need a battery inserting into, so it takes much less time to build the setups like space of the fairground rides dodgems. To build a dodgems funfair, all you need basically is an area, the vehicles, and the batteries. It is easier to relocate and reinstall the bumper cars. The battery-powered bumper cars can be designed and manufactured as water bumper cars, bumper cars on ice and apply to just about everywhere.

Battery Bumper Car
Battery Bumper Car

Model Number: BMC-B1
Size: 1.9*1.1*0.9m
Speed: 6-10kh/m
Capacity: 2 Persons
Color: Customized
Material:FRP & Steel
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Here Are the Types of Dodgem Cars Beston Group Can Supply to You.

Battery Bumper Cars

The engine of the fun fair equipment bumper cars is driven by the battery inside the vehicle. The battery bumper cars can be used almost anywhere and become more and more popular. Because of its flexible usage, if the bumper cars are vacant temporarily, you can rent them out for people planning to establish their own event.

electric bumper cars for sale
Battery Operated Bumper Cars

Model Number: BMC-B2
Packaging Size: 1.4*1.4*1.1m
Weight: 113kgs
Max Load: 150kg
Speed: 7-10kh/m
Color: Customized
Capacity: 2 Persons
Material:FRP & Steel
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Water Bumper Cars/Inflatable Bumper Cars

The water bumper cars can float on the water, so the rider needs to play the fun rides  in the water/pool. There is so much fun driving these dodgems with the function of shooting water, the riders can start a water battle with their friends. This is an electric battery bumper cars suitable for kids and adults.

pool bumper cars
Beston Inflatable Bumper Car

Model Number: BMC-W1
Ground Space: 170 cm * 110 cm
Power:  0.4 kW
Voltage: 24 V
Load Weight: 120 kg
Color: Customized
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Bumper Cars on Ice

This is a battery-operated dodgem, which is driven on the ice. As we know, playing on the ice is dangerous, so usually, you have to prevent yourself from confronting with other on-ice players. But this ride gives you the chance to enjoy extremely thrilling feeling brought by driving your car to hit others on the ice.

bumper cars on ice near me
Bumper Cars on Ice

Model Number: BMC-I1
Material: FRP/0.90mm pvc tarpaulin
Battery: 2pcs 12V
Load Weight: 180kg
Capacity: 1 Person
Color: Customized
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Grid Bumper Cars

The grid bumper cars are categorized as floor-grid and ceiling-grid bumper cars. The grid bumper cars are the most conventional bumping cars. Because grid bumper cars are not as portable and flexible as battery-operated bumper cars, the amusement park, carnival, theme park and big fairground built with conductive floor and ceiling are its major target customers.

Bumper Car Kids

The bumper car for kids is mini bumper cars. The children’s bumper cars are designed as different shapes like cartoon characters, animals that are popular in children, painted in different varieties of colors and decorated with various elements like lights and music according to children’s interest and psychology.

mini bumper cars
Bumper Cars for Toddlers

Model Number: BMC-G4
Voltage: DC24V
Power: 200W
Capacity: 2 Persons
Usage: Playground
Material: FPR & Steel
Color: Customized
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Beston Bumper Car Price

Beston group delivers various models of bumper cars amusement attractions. Please contact us to get the quotes of the bumper cars that you are interested in.
If you plan to buy bumper cars, the price is one of the crucial factors that they will take into consideration. You need to deliberate how to make the price of the bumper cars meet your budget. We totally understand your concern, so the cost of manufacturing our dodgems is well controlled to make sure our customers have sufficient profit margins.

dodgem bumper cars for sale
Fairground Bumper Cars

Model Number: BMC-G5
Power: 230W
Speed: 8-10km/h, adjustable
Capacity:2 persons
Material: FPR & Steel
Color: Customized
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How Do Bumper Cars Work?

The bumper cars need the power to drive it. The power driving its engine may come from floor, ceiling or battery. Once the dodgems are electrically powered, and the rider has strapped themselves in, the operator will remotely start the bumper cars. After the bumper cars start, the rider can steer the wheel to go anywhere in the area and hit other cars as they want.

The bumper cars have a wheel in front that can turn in full 360 degrees. If you turn the steering wheel a little bit to the left, the vehicle you ride will go forward and turn left. If you turn the wheel more to the left, the vehicle will go in a circle. If you employ more force to turn the wheel to the left, the vehicle will go backwards.

When the bumper car ride crashed into any other cars, the collision will not cause injuries to the riders. Therefore, the bumper car is a type of interactive rides. The reason is that the bumper cars is enclosed with a circle of rubber which can decrease the force arising from the collision.

inflatable bumper cars for sale
Inflatable Bumper Cars

Model Number: BMC-I2
Power: Battery
Motor: 12v,300w,2pcs
Capacity:1 person
Material: FRP, Steel PVC0.99mm
Color: Customized
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Bumper Car Manufacturers

Beston group is one of the leading bumper cars manufacturers. We have many years of experience in designing and manufacturing various amusement attractions like bumper cars, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, carousel, etc. After working in amusement rides field for so many years, we have cumulated lots of technologies in manufacturing dodgems. The bumper cars we deliver have proven long-term reliability, cost-effectiveness, and competitive price.

If you want to know more about Beston bumper cars, please reach us at below contact information, your questions are always welcomed.


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