Family Rides for Sale

Beston Family Rides

We Beston group offers a wide range of family rides for involving the parents with their children and provide them a possibility to improve their family bond. The family members are our target end-users and the ideal family attractions for them to share the same experience. Before and after their visit to the family park, the family attractions or family fun amusement park may become their topic to discuss and share for some time. This is a good chance for a family to establish and improve their family bond. Except for those popular family rides like carousel ride, Ferris wheel, bumper car, coffee cup ride, jump ride, we have developed our own brand-new rides like octopus ride, modern times ride, etc…

observation wheel for sale

Ferris Wheel for Sale

Betson Ferris Wheel for Sale Beston designs and constructs Ferris wheels in various heights (5~120m) ...
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thomas the train

Thomas the Train for Sale

What Is Thomas the Train Ride? Thomas the train is a fictional steam locomotive in ...
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fun ocean walk amusement ride for sale

Ocean Walk Ride for Sale

Do You Have Any Idea about Our Ocean Walk Ride? The ocean walk ride is ...
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electric bumper cars for sale

Bumper Cars for Sale

What Is Bumper Car? The bumper car or dodgem is a type of family rides which is driven ...
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miniature trains for sale

Park Trains for sale

[wpcdt-countdown id="1926"] What is train ride? Train rides are small rideable trains able to accommodate ...
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laser bumper boat for sale

Water Bumper Boats for sale

What Is Bumper Boat? Bumper boat is a type of amusement park rides which has ...
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octopus amusement park ride for sale

Octopus Ride for Sale

What Is An Octopus Ride? The octopus ride is a type of spin rides. An ...
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tagada for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

Tagada Ride Definition A tagada is an amusement ride made by various amusement ride manufacturers ...
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jump funfair ride for sale

Jump Ride for Sale

Jump Ride Description The jump ride or jump and smile ride is a type of ...
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famous carousels

Carousel Rides for Sale

How Much Do You Know About Carousel? A carousel or roundabout is an amusement park rides ...
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Modern Times Ride

Modern Times Ride for Sale

What Is Modern Times Ride? The modern times ride is a variation on self-control plane ...
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paratrooper carnival ride manufacturer

Paratrooper Ride for Sale

Brief Introduction of Paratrooper Ride The paratroop ride is a kind of fairground rides which ...
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What Can You See from Beston-made Family Rides?

1. High Quality

All our amusement rides are made of steel and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) in premium quality. Before we use the materials to our family amusement, we arranged our technicians to inspect the steel and FRP are qualified for our family rides. We filter out the nasty ones, then the superior ones are put into use. When the assembling work for our family rides is finished, we will test their functions by riding those rides ourselves.

2. Top Safety Class

Every model of our family rides has been approved by quality control departments. Before our family attractions are delivered to our customers, we have to test the rides again and again until our quality control staff say it is okay. Because the kids are also the riders of our family amusements we will tell the amusement park who can take the rides. Too small kids are prohibited to take our rides unless their height reaches the required height for our rides. In the attaching brochures together with rides, you can clearly see the safety rules of a specific ride.

disco taga ride for sale
Beston Disco Tagada Ride

Model Number: TR24-2
Power: 17KW
Voltage: 380V
Size: 8m*8m
Service Height: 1.9m
Operating Speed: 1.9m/s (adjustable)
Floor Area: 8m*8m
Capacity: 24 persons/customizable
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3. Timely and Complete After-sale Service System

Once you pay for our family rides, we will give you a warranty for our family rides. Generally speaking, the warranty time of our rides is one year. Within one year from the date you buy our fairground rides, any consultation and technical support are free of charge. If the components of our rides fail in the period of warranty time, we will replace the parts for free. As soon as we receive your questions, we will arrange our technicians to contact you as soon as possible. If our technicians are out of office, once we get in touch with them, we will ask them to come to you soon.

4. 24-Hour Online Service

We have built a 24-hour online service team to support you at any time. We have lots of foreign customers so we have to ask our 24-hour team to stay online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When our customers come to us, we have to make sure our customers have someone to talk to, which embodies our mission of customer first. We are using to our real deeds to prove what we promise to our customers.

5. Custom Family Rides

Our carnival rides have the possibility to be modified according to our customers’ needs and interest. We understand not all our standard family rides are what our customers are truly expecting. Therefore, we acknowledge our customers what we can realize for them when they prefer to customize their family rides. Now, we possess the ability and technology to customize the special rides for our customers. If you plan to customize your own family rides, we think it is better for you to have a look at our family rides for your reference. You need to brainstorm a customization proposal depending on your end-users’ tastes and requirements. Then we will check if we can make it for you.

bumper cars for sale
Beston Dodgems

Model Number: BMC-G6
Voltage: DC24V
Power: 200W
Capacity: 2 Persons
Usage: Playground
Material: FPR & Steel
Color: Customized
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6. Efficient Delivery System

If our customer our standard fair ride models are the right ones for them. We will check if we have the stock of the models they ask for. If there are rides you need in our inventory, we will immediately arrange our logistics staffs to prepare for the export of the rides. We will order one container for our rides, and negotiate with the shipping company to get the shortest shipping time. If we don’t have the rides you ask for in stock or we are making a custom model for you, we will work overtime to catch the delivery date

Beston Family Rides

About our family rides, we have created and manufactured various kinds of rids for your options. The common models and our self-developed models are all available to you. It is also probable for you redesign and re-engineer our family rides. You are welcome to contribute your great ideas to make our rides more diversified. If you have other requirements or questions about our family rides, please feel free to contact us.


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