Ferris Wheel for Sale

Betson Ferris Wheel for Sale

Beston designs and constructs Ferris wheels in various heights (5~120m) for customers worldwide and has exported many fairest Ferris wheels to over 20 countries. The Ferris wheels made by Beston group serve customers that include large/ medium/small amusement parks, theme parks, carnivals, zoos, tourist attractions and backyards. Except for the Ferris wheel family rides for all-ages, we have designed mini Ferris wheel specifically for kids. The small Ferris wheel as kids rides has its special fun for children. If you have excellent ideas or special requirements about the wheel rides, please tell us we can help you realize it.

ferris wheel for sale
Beston Ferris Wheel

observation wheel for sale
Beston Ferris Wheel

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What Is Ferris Wheel?

A Ferris wheel, sometimes called an observation wheel, big wheel, wheel ride, panoramic wheel or giant wheel, is the most traditional attraction among amusement rides the whole family can enjoy. Ferris wheel is named after its creator. The Ferris wheel’s synonym is the fair wheel, but observation wheel is more suitable with Ferris wheel meaning. The big wheel consists of a large rotating vertical wheel structure with multiple carrying parts (commonly referred to rider cars, gondolas, carts, carriages, cabins, basket or buckets) mounted to the inside or outside of the rim. Motors and gears force send the gondolas hinged to the rim up to air and the force of gravity drive it down. While Ferris wheel is set in motion, the rim revolves around a horizontal axle in a circle, and the riders in the gondolas are lifted and lowered in turn. As Ferris wheel revolves, the riders can get a bird’s-eye view of the area.

ferris wheel for sale
Beston Ferris Wheel 25m

Model Number: FW25-1
Voltage: 380 V
Drive motor: 6 KW
Total power: 20 KW
Height: 25 m
Service Height: 30 m
Turning diameter: 25.6 m
Cabin: 12
Capacity: 64 persons
Area: 18 m*16 m
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Raw Materials for Making Beston Ferris Wheel

The observation wheel is one of our major rides so we pay more attention to its manufacturing. Different parts of giant wheel may be made by different kinds of materials and designed into different shapes, colors and sizes depending on the specific requirements of the market. Steel and FRP (fiber reinforced plastics) is the most common raw material for the manufacturer to fabricate components of the Ferris wheel including chassis, stand tower, center axle, wheel gondola…. Aluminum is used to make the wheel gondola seat, floor and drive rims.

giant wheel ride for sale
Beaton Observation Wheel 30m

Model Number: FW30-1
Voltage: 380 V
Operating Power: 8 KW
Height: 30 m
Operating Speed: 0.3m/s
Cabin: 18
Capacity: 72 persons
Area: 18 m*21 m
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Ferris Wheel’s Structure System

Ferris wheel has three main structures, that are the wheel structure, driving system and supporting structure.

The Wheel Structure:

The funfair ride giant wheel structure may be constructed by a rigid structure, flexible structure or rigid-flexible structure. If the wheel structure uses rigid structure, which denotes all parts of the wheel are using truss structure. The rigid structure can guarantee the stiffness, stability, and safety of Ferris wheel to the greatest extent possible and be assembled and installed more conveniently. The flexible structure is a kind of structure composing by steel wire rope system. Rigid-flexible structure, just as its name implies, is a combination of truss structure and steel wire rope system. The reason why the steel wire rope system is applied is that it makes the Ferris wheel structure look less complicated, light and graceful.

panoramic wheel amusement rides
Beston Panoramic Wheel 42m

Model Number: FW42-1
Voltage: 380 V
Operating Power: 11KW
Height: 42 m
Operating Speed: 0.3m/s
Cabin: 18
Capacity: 96 persons
Area: 27 m*24 m
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The Drive System:

The electrical drive system (motor) is used to drive the Ferris wheel to rotate. For this drive system is characterized by its small size, light weight, convenient maintenance, low consumption, low operation cost and high safety degree etc, it becomes the optimum option to construct Ferris Wheel drive system.

fairest wheel manufacturer
Beston Ferris Wheel Details

ferris wheel parts
Beston Ferris Wheel Gondolas

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The Supporting Structure:

No matter how distinguished the supporting structure of a Ferris wheel is, supporting tower and wheel axle are the indispensable parts. Based on those two necessary parts, some manufacturers may add wire ropes to reinforce the stability of the supporting system. The supporting tower can be fabricated in different shapes like tower grouped by posts, inverted-V tower or inverted-Y tower.

giant wheel ride for sale
Beston Giant Wheel 49m

Model Number: FW49-1
Voltage: 380 V
Operating Power: 17.6KW
Height: 49 m
Operating Speed: 0.24m/s
Cabin: 32
Capacity: 128 persons
Area: 35m*18 m
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Ferris Wheel’s Unique Features

1. Ferris wheel is a slowly moving and sight-seeing amusement attraction unlike those thrilling rides like roller coaster aiming to let the riders obtain fast and exciting experience, which basically says its rider’s age is unlimited. Gear and motor force gently pull the wheel gondolas carrying riders into the air. When the riders reach the top of the Ferris wheel, they feel a force pushing them outward due to inertia and Neston’s first law. Even if the riders are pushed outward on the top, they still don’t feel a great acceleration because their weights push to the center of revolving, counteracting some force that pushes them outward. Therefore, when the riders get to the top of the Ferris wheel, they can peacefully enjoy the panoramic view of the place where the Ferris wheel is located.

gondola wheel family rides
Beston Ferris Wheel 50m

Model Number: FW50-1
Voltage: 380 V
Operating Power: 16 KW
Height: 50 m
Operating Speed: 0.2m/s
Cabin: 34
Capacity: 136 persons
Area: 30 m*35 m
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2. Giant Ferris wheel attracts tourists, and in this way makes profits for its runner. The larger Ferris wheel gets the more cash flows. Job opportunities exist where the profits are made, in other words, a Ferris wheel brings job vacancies for the local. The 165-meter Singapore Flyer is the world’s second tallest Ferris The flyer can carry 27,000 passengers each day with a cost of $20 around each ride. Besides, Flyer offers other more options for passengers including express boarding and champagne. The carnival ride Star of Nanchang in China has enjoyed a unique popularity in China, which receives in average 8,000~10,000 passengers a day with¥50 one ticket.

fair wheel in amusement park
Beaston Fair Wheel 65m

Model Number: FW65-1
Swing diameter: 59.85m
Area: 38m*32m
Total Power: 100Kw
Drive power: 26.4Kw
Voltage: 380V
Cabin No.: 36
Each cabin: 6 persons
Capacity: 216 persons
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3. Moreover, giant Ferris wheel could be an economic engine for the area. It boosts retail enterprises, other business nearby, and generally, an “economic circle” is formed around it. While people await their ride or companies, they may prefer to kill the waiting time through taking a stroll in shops, restaurants, cafes and other entertainment places, which is the chance for the retail enterprises to build their own business.


carnival ferris wheel
Beston Carnival Ferris Wheel 88m

Model Number: FW88-1
Operating Power: 50 KW
Height: 88m
Operating Speed: 15min/circle
Cabin: 54
Capacity: 324 persons
Area: 45 m*45 m
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4. Ferris wheel is a symbol of a city’s civilization. If a city has Ferris wheel as its iconic building, the civilization of the city will be relatively higher. A Ferris wheel is usually installed in a city with eye-catching scenery or features because Ferris wheel is a sight-seeing amusement ride. The area a Ferris wheel located must have beautiful or characteristic views for the riders to enjoy.


giant observation wheel
Beston Ferris Wheel 120m

Model Number: FW120-1
Wheel diameter: 107m
Cabin Number: 68
Each cabin: 6.per
Area: 60 m × 60m
Speed: 20 min/r
Power Total Power: 37kW
Full Power: 140Kw
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Ferris Wheel’s History

The Ferris wheel has been more than 100 years old since it debuted on June 21, 1893.

George Washington Gale Ferris, a civil engineer from Illinois specializing in bridges and other steel structure designs, invented the first Ferris wheel for the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago. This engineering feat was intended to compete with Eiffel Tower, the centerpiece of 1889 Paris Exposition. This original Ferris wheel was 80.4 meters and was the tallest amusement equipment at 1893 Chicago exposition. There were 36 passenger gondolas with 40 revolving chairs and able to carry 2,160 passengers every ride. It took 20 minutes to make a complete turn.

mini ferris wheel for sale
Beston Mini Ferris Wheel

Model Number: FWMN-1
Capacity: 10 persons
Height: 6/7m
Diameter: 6m
Cabin No.: 5
Power: 5KW
Voltage: 380V
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After the Chicago World Fair was closed, the original Ferris wheel was shown on the 1904 St. Louis Exposition. After the exposition, the wheel was returned to Chicago and dismantled because of its too expensive operation cost. The metal from this original Ferris wheel was used to construct a giant ship during World WarⅠ.

Even though the first Ferris wheel doesn’t exist any longer, its legacy has lived on to make Ferris wheel one of the most popular fairground rides. All in all, the first giant wheel is the beginning and inspiration of modern Ferris wheel, for example, the London Eye, Skyview, Seattle Ferris whee, Paris Ferris wheel.

miniature ferris wheel for sale
Beston Mini Double Ferris Wheel

Model Number: FWMN-2
Capacity: 20 persons
Height: 6/7m
Diameter: 6m
Cabin No.: 10
Power: 7.5KW
Voltage: 380V
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