Indoor Playground for Sale

Indoor Playground Introduction

The indoor playground is a brand new and comprehensive amusement ride for toddlers, which consists of a vast variety of playground equipment. The playground as one of the interactive rides is constructed in an enclosed place. Inside the playground, the soft play ball pit, playground slides, swing sets, kids climbing equipment and playground tunnel are installed.

Children can foster their independence and enhance their intelligence while playing the playsets installed in the playground because they need to use their brain to deliberate how to conquer the obstacles independently in front of them. Moreover, for the kids, playing is equivalent to doing the workout, because they need to jump, crawl, climb, roll and swing while playing with that playground equipment.  Our indoor playground is a series of amusement equipment for kids. This indoor play center is fitted in the amusement park, children’s palace, mall play area and supermarket and suitable for the kids in 2~13 years old (under 1.3 meters). Besides, the indoor playroom can be taken as home playground installed at home and preschool playground installed in kindergarten.

children indoor playground
Beston Kids Indoor Playground

adventure playground for sale
Beston Kids Adventure Playground

We have various models of indoor playground equipment for your options!

Indoor Playground Supplier

Beston group manufactures and delivers indoor playground for domestic and overseas customers. As one of the reliable indoor play center suppliers, we use materials of premium quality to make our major rides-indoor playsets. The materials selected for making our indoor play places mainly include engineering plastics, PVC leather, steel tubular, galvanized steel frame and heavy sponge. It is our objective to deliver creative, fun and safe indoor activities for kids to the customers all over the world.

commercial indoor playground equipment for sale
Beston Children Indoor Playground

indoor playground items
Beston Playground Parameters

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Indoor Jungle Gym

The indoor jungle gym supplied by the amusement rides suppler Beston is a colorful kids indoor jungle gym, equipped with many kinds of playground accessories. The indoor gym themes after jungle and the creatures in the jungle. The main color of the indoor jungle gym is green, and the ornaments include different kinds of trees and animals in the jungle. Children will feel like they are playing in a forest while they those indoor jungle gym equipment.

Interactive Indoor Playground

In general, children need to work with others to play the interactive equipment. Sometimes, they need to share their ideas with each other and work together to conquer difficulties. The interactive equipment can foster the kids’ communication skills and collaboration. It also can improve their hand and brain coordination and intelligence. In addition, parents also can play the interactive play sets with their children to improve parents-children bonding.

commercial children's play equipment
Beston Interactive Playground

Model Number: IPI-1
Age Limit: Over 2 years
Capacity: 80-90 persons
Size: Customizable
Item: Dancing machine, soft play balls, handwork part, Outward bound, Mini community
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Commercial Indoor Playground

The commercial indoor playground is a profit-making playground, which nearly consists of all kinds of playsets. The playground design of our commercial kids amusement playsets is much more arrestive and covers almost all the elements attracted to children. The commercial indoor play sets are complete and multitudinous. The commercial indoor playground has a larger floor space and more type of indoor play equipment. Children coming to the commercial indoor playground has more choices, and everyone can choose their favorite indoor playground toys to play.

commercial playground equipment
Beston Commercial Children’s Play Equipment

Model Number: IPP-1
Age Limit: 2-12 years
Capacity: 20-30 persons
Size: Customizable
Theme: Cartoon
Items: Soft play balls, Sand area, Mini house, Slide, Soft play block
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Indoor Soft Playground

The indoor soft playground is a soft play mats padded play area for children, and all the playsets installed in this playground are soft or inflatable. The soft play material is mainly foam and heavy sponge which cause no harm to the kids at any rate. The soft play equipment would not hurt the kids a bit, even if the kids knocked down the soft play toys and tumbled. In general, the soft play items include soft play house, soft play steps, soft play balls, soft play cushions, soft play blocks and soft play climbing equipment in the indoor soft playground. This indoor playground avoids nearly all the danger that may occur to the children while they are having fun with the play equipment, which makes the playground a safe children’s play center. This is a good place for the younger children who are too little to mobilize themselves and balance themselves while playing with the soft playground equipment.

kids indoor playset for sale
Beston Soft Playground Playsets

toddler indoor play equipment
Beston Soft Playground Items

We have various models of indoor playground equipment for your options!

Indoor Wooden Playground

The indoor wooden play structures of the wooden playground are made of timbers. Since the wooden play sets are made of timbers, we spend lots of time in selecting the timbers that can meet our quality specifications. The wood we choose is from a certified factory. The timbers we finally determine to use are of high quality and will not cause any harm to the children. The wooden play sets are perfectly polished and lacquered to make sure that the surface of the playsets is smooth, and the kids will not hurt by the burrs. Besides, the wooden play equipment we made is unexpectedly steady, so you don’t need to worry the timber play equipment would collapse while children playing with them.

Plastic Indoor Playground

The plastic playground is equipped with plastic playsets for toddlers. Compared with wooden children amusement equipment, the plastic playground sets are relatively soft and light. Those plastic playground sets are mainly made of resin in superior quality. We never ever employ toxic additives on our kids plastic playset. Those plastic play equipment for toddlers manufactured by Beston group is safe and eco-friendly. Besides, the plastic play equipment we made is not easy to be smudged. Even if they were smudged, it would be easy to clean them.

kids indoor playset for sale
Beston Water Bed

commercial playground equipment for sale
Beston Happy Jump

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Indoor Inflatable Playground

The inflatable playground is made of the thin-film material in which has space for a quantity of air. When the indoor inflatable playground equipment is inflated and fully swell up, the indoor inflatable playground is ready for the children. Like the soft play center equipment, those inflatable equipment is pillowy and safe. Children won’t be hurt in the soft playground. They can to their heart’s content enjoy the fun brought by those inflatable play sets despite the injury concern. Furthermore, the inflatable playground is portable. After this portable playground equipment is deflated, you can roll it up and take it to anywhere you want.

Indoor Playground Parts

The playground parts of the indoor playground are various. Different indoor playground may be equipped with diverse playground items in different materials. The most common playground components include soft play ball pit/pool, soft play bulk, soft play blocks, kids swing sets, climbing playground equipment and indoor play tunnel.

commercial playground equipment for sale
Beston Playground Equipment Installing

Indoor Playground Structure

We Beston group as one of the eminent indoor play structure manufacturers deliver different types of play structures and playground structures to our customers. The playground structures supplied by us are as below:

Fully Framed Structure

This kind of playground structure fits the small area.
Structure with Partial Frames
This indoor playground structure is the most common playground plans, which is also called open structure. The frames of the structure are integrated with power-driven parts

commercial indoor playground equipment
Beston Fully Framed Structure

Structure without Frames

Structure without Frame and Power-driven Parts
The structure is suitable for the place that has limited height and square.

commercial indoor playground equipment prices
Beston Playground Structure without Frames

Solo Outward Bound

indoor playground equipment for sale
Beston Outward Bound Playground

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Outward Bound Combing with Indoor Playground

Beston group is a reliable and excellent playground company. We manufacture various types of indoor playgrounds and playground structures for our domestic and overseas customers. In spite of the above indoor playground, we also deliver custom indoor playground equipment to you.

kids playground equipment for sale
Beston Outward Bound Combing with Indoor Playground


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