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Beston has designed, developed, manufactured, and constructed some types of interactive rides as the amusement rides market and technology develops. The interactive rides made by Beston group are divided into the human to human interactive rides and human to machine interactive rides. Human to human interactive rides aim to cultivate the communication skill of kids or establish and improve family bound. On the other hand, the major objective of the human to machine interactive rides is to entertain people by their unique and innovative design and technology. Our main interactive rides contain flying squirrel rescue ride, shark island rides, indoor playground, bumper boat, bumper car, and VR rides.

children indoor playground

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Special Features of Beston Interactive Rides

1. Beston group interactive rides are of high quality and environment-friendly. The raw materials used to our interactive rides have got through the test performed by quality control authorities. All our interactive rides are completely assembled and inspected by our own staffs and authorities. The paint and other elements cause no harm to the environment and human body. If you still have doubts about our rides’ quality, welcome to visit our factory.

2. Our interactive rides are easy to get access to. Beston wants our customers to get benefits from us and builds a long-run partnership with each other. Therefore, we set our interactive rides with a competitive price so that our customers would come back to us while they need to buy interactive rides again. We are a fairground rides manufacturer so we possess the initiative to set price for our interactive rides. Please contact us for the detail information of the models you are interested in.

3. Our human to human interactive rides provide an opportunity for people to make friends or improve the family bound relationship. Nowadays, people prefer to stay at home to play games or watch movies, and they are reluctant to go out to communicate with others. In fact, this is an unhealthy lifestyle because people who stay at home for a long time may have a bad health condition and lack the ability of social skills. We are encouraging people to go out to make friends or create a chance for improving their family bound. This a good point for you to promote the interactive rides to your end-users.

kids indoor playset
Beston Water Bed

Welcome to contact us for more information on Beston Interactive Rides!

4. Our human to machine interactive rides embody our breakthroughs in funfair rides technology. At first, we just have the models for kids, for example flying squirrel rescue, shark island rides, bumper car, and bumper boat. Those rides are designed mainly for kids. Although the adults also can take our rides for kids, to be honest, the adults hardly obtain fun from the rides for kids. Therefore, as VR technology appears and develops, we use the technology to our rides. Finally, the adults have their own interactive rides.

5. Our interactive rides can improve children’s social skill and team work spirit. Some models of our interactive rides require children to cooperate with each to complete the tasks. During their cooperation, children take full advantage of their communication skill to work with their partners. Communication is an effective method to build and improve the social skill of kids. To fulfill the task, children need to build a team and work with team work spirit. All in all, our interactive rides are good for children, which will make the parents more likely pay for the rides.

Types of Beston Interactive Rides

We have two categories for our interactive rides, which are human to human interactive rides and human to machine interactive rides. Human to human carnival rides require two or more persons to accomplish a task set by our interactive rides. Our human to human rides majorly include bumper car, bumper boat, and parts of the indoor playground. The riders of the bumper car or bumper boat need to collide with others to obtain the fun the rides aim to achieve. Some items in indoor playground allow children to interact with their families. Our human to human interactive rides are designed to improve children’s social skill and their family bound.

bumper cars on ice near me
Bumper Cars on Ice

Model Number: BMC-I1
Material: FRP/0.90mm pvc tarpaulin
Battery: 2pcs 12V
Load Weight: 180kg
Capacity: 1 Person
Color: Customized
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Our human to machine interactive rides are suitable both for the kids and adults. All ages can get fun from our human to machine rides. There are flying squirrel rescue ride, shark island rides, parts of the indoor playground, and VR rides in our human to machine interactive rides product range. The flying squirrel rides, shark island rides, and indoor playground mainly target the children. The flying squirrel rides and shark island rides are themed after interesting storylines. Through the playing with the machine, the children can obtain fun and independent thinking skill. The VR rides are designed both for the kids and the adults. The VR rides theme after the elements that children like, and VR rides for the adults are equipped with various elements on trend depending on their interest and preference.


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