Kids Rides for Sale

Our kiddie rides are perfectly designed and manufactured to the height and age of children. The target end-users of the kids fair rides are children. As far as we concern, thrill seekers come in all sizes so our kiddie rides may include thrill rides. Children have their own pursuits and interests. Therefore, we need to design various kinds of kids amusement rides for all children up to 15~16 years old. Our kids rides are well received in the amusement park, kids playground, kindergarten, fairground, carnival, and children’s palaces, etc…

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Welcome to contact us for more information on Beston Kids Rides!

Features of Kiddie Rides

1. The kiddie rides may include family rides. Just as the family rides name implies, the rides are designed for a whole family. Of course, children are one type of their target customers. Therefore, it is reasonable the kiddie rides include parts of family rides.

2. The kids funfair rides may include parts of extreme rides. Kids in different ages may have different reactions to the excitement. Our kiddie rides are facing the kids up to 15~16 so it is not going to work to make the same amusement rides concepts for all ages. Thrilling rides made for kids are not as exciting as the models designed for the adults. We make the thrilling rides for children perfectly fit the height and age of the kids.

mini ferris wheel for sale
Beston Mini Ferris Wheel

Model Number: FWMN-3
Capacity: 16 persons
Height: 8m
Diameter: 8m
Cabin No.: 8
Power: 10KW
Voltage: 380V
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3. For smaller kids, our kids fairground rides for them mostly are special in their appearance, color, and interactivity. We prefer to ornament our kids fair rides with some elements children are fond of. In addition, we would theme after our children’s amusement rides with the cartoons, real or fictional animals and fairy tales.

4. The safety level of kids carnival rides is strictly supervised by our safety officials. Before our children’s rides leave the factory, we will arrange the test for our rides as much as we can. Our staffs are seated on the kids fairground rides to try the safety of the rides. If there are some problems arise during the test, we will immediately disassemble the rides and arrange our technicians to fix the problems on the children’s funfair rides.

5. Some models of our children’s amusement park rides are innovated on our own. We have the technology and ability to realize what we want to achieve in amusement industry. Based on our experience and children’s tastes, we have designed and manufactured many different kinds of kiddy ride machines for kids’ options.

Kids Amusement Rides Advantages

1. Our children’s amusement park rides are cheaper compared with our competitors. We are one of the kiddie rides manufacturers, not a distributor, which means we don’t have a supplier to split our profits with. Therefore, we don’t have to maintain our profit margins by the high price of our kids fair rides. We supply cheap kiddie rides for your options.

2. The raw materials including the steel, FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) and paint have been inspected by the quality control department concerning kiddie rides. Those raw materials are free to be exposed to the sun and bad weathers. Especially, the colors on our kids rides won’t fade away as time passes.

3. All our kids amusement rides are customizable. If you are not satisfied with our standard models, welcome to contact us for the modifications of the kiddy ride. We know people in different nations have different tastes about children’s funfair rides. Only your ideas meet the real market status in amusement rides industry, we will support to make your ideas real.

teacup ride for sale

Model Number: TCR-1
Voltage: 380V
Power: 4KW
Size: Φ4m
Service Height: 1m
Operating Speed: 1.5m/s
Floor Area:Φ6m
Capacity: 8 persons
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4. We have a complete and timely after-sale service for kiddie carnival rides customers. Once your questions are delivered to us, we will promptly arrange our technicians to answer your questions regarding the kiddie rides at once.

5. Our kids rides have a wide product ranges. We have various types of amusement park rides for children for your choice. Those kiddie rides have enjoyed great popularity in children amusement park in China and been exported to over 20 countries.

How to Customize Your Own Kids Rides

Before you determine to customize your own special kids rides, you must have a general picture of our product line of kiddie rides. If you think Beston group fair rides for your option are not what you are expecting, you can make out your own customization plan. You have to tell us the parts you would like to modify, and what designs you prefer to apply to. We will estimate if your customization plan is available and provide you our further suggestions based on our experience and specialized knowledge. After both of us have no objections to the customization plan of our child amusement rides, we will immediately put the plan into force. We will make one demo version for your evaluation to see if the custom kiddie ride is the one in your mind. We will modify the rides as your requirements until you get what you have been expecting.


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