Major Rides for Sale

Beston Major Rides

The major rides are our popular and highly recognized amusement rides such as roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and half loop roller coaster, merry go round, etc… Our major rides may include kids rides, family rides, thrill rides, interactive rides, and pendulum rides. All our major rides are available with the options for theming and spare parts like strobe, music, banners and other elements which are created by our professional designer teams.

thomas the train

Thomas the Train for Sale

What Is Thomas the Train Ride? Thomas the train is a fictional steam locomotive in the children’s book and cartoons. Thomas the train ride is the prototype of the fictional ...
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observation wheel for sale

Ferris Wheel for Sale

Betson Ferris Wheel for Sale Beston designs and constructs Ferris wheels in various heights (5~120m) for customers worldwide and has exported many fairest Ferris wheels to over 20 countries. The ...
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worm roller coaster for sale

Wacky Worm Roller Ride for Sale

The Definition of Wacky Worm Ride The wacky worm, also known as the Big Apple is an amusement park roller coaster model by a variety of amusement rides manufacturers. The ...
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electric bumper cars for sale

Bumper Cars for Sale

What Is Bumper Car? The bumper car or dodgem is a type of family rides which is driven by the riders in an enclosed space and at the fairground, amusement park, carnival and ...
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mini flying car ride for sale

Mini Flying Car Ride for Sale

Do You Know What Mini Flying Car Is? The mini flying car is one of the rotation and slide carnival rides, which has the identical design concepts with the rocking ...
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children indoor playground

Indoor Playground for Sale

Indoor Playground Introduction The indoor playground is a brand new and comprehensive amusement ride for toddlers, which consists of a vast variety of playground equipment. The playground as one of ...
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famous carousels

Carousel Rides for Sale

How Much Do You Know About Carousel? A carousel or roundabout is an amusement park rides. Because the carousel operates like a merry go round, another name for carousel is merry ...
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miniature trains for sale

Park Trains for sale

[wpcdt-countdown id="1926"] What is train ride? Train rides are small rideable trains able to accommodate children and adults. In general, there are two big categories about amusement park trains-train with ...
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tagada for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

Tagada Ride Definition A tagada is an amusement ride made by various amusement ride manufacturers. The tagada ride is designed as a big round bowl. The pneumatic arms are the ...
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pirate ship for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What Is A Pirate Ship? The pirate ship (ride) is a type of amusement rides theming after pirate ship, which majorly consists of supporting columns, horizontal axle and suspension arms ...
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giant top spin for sale

Pendulum Rides for Sale

Beston Pendulum Rides There are three models of pendulum rides (the giant Frisbee, pirate ship boat ride, and skymaster) designed and manufactured by Beston group. The giant Frisbee and pirate ...
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laser bumper boat for sale

Water Bumper Boats for sale

What Is Bumper Boat? Bumper boat is a type of amusement park rides which has an inner tube small boat, steer wheel, and other control devices. Some of the bump ...
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Major Rides Quality

All the materials applied to Beston group major rides comply with domestic and international quality standards. The steel and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) have got through the inspection of quality control department. The paint causes no harm to the environment and human body. If the rides were exposed under the sun, the paint would be complete as always. Even the bad weather can’t trigger any change to the paint.

When the rides are assembled completely, it is not the time that the rides are shipped to our customers. What waits for them is the testing. We will take the rides ourselves to test their quality and safety. After testing over and over again, the rides are ready to be delivered to our customers. If you found out there are flaws in our rides, it would be possible for you to contact us at any time.

Features of Our Major Rides

1. Major rides have gained awareness in the amusement park and been recognized by a large scale of riders. Therefore, you don’t need to do the market survey to see if your plan about the rides is feasible. To sum up, our major rides save much preparation time for you.

2. The rides are redesigned and improved as the technology develops. It takes less time to update their designs and functions because we want to keep our amusement rides in trend in case to win the fierce competition in the amusement industry. For you, the prevalent rides make it easier for you to get your customers’ approval.

3. After-sale service guarantees the daily operation of your rides. When we receive your problems, the answers to the problems will be delivered in the fastest way. Even our technicians are out of office, we will still try our best to offer effective solutions to you within 24 hours.

ocean walk ride for sale
Beston Ocean Walk Ride

Model Number: OWR-3
Material: FRP & Steel
Capacity: 12/16 persons
Floor area: 6m*6m/8m*8m
Height: 4m
Voltage: 380V
Power: 3KW
Speed: 3.5m/min
Theme: Customizable
Color: Customizable
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4. We assure you the price we offer to you has been as cheap as it could be. We suppose you have known we are an amusement park equipment manufacturer, which implies we don’t have to lift the price to retain our benefits while splitting profits with the supplier. We want to leave room for our customers’ benefits and build a long run business with our customers.

5. We have a complete and fast delivery system. Once we receive the payments from our customers, we can deliver our rides to our customers in a short time. The delivery time made with our customer will be strictly followed. Unless the act of god happens or we will never exceed the delivery time.

Custom Major Rides

Each model of our major rides can be customized as your wishes and interests. You can modify the appearance, color, strobe, music of our rides to our end-users’ preference in our country. We know the existing models can’t meet all our customers’ requirements so we encourage our customers to devise their own amusements concepts. First of all, we need to evaluate whether your concepts are practical according to our technology in fair rides. If our concepts are partially feasible, we will give a professional guidance on modifying your concepts. All in all, we will make efforts to make your concepts real through our professional technology and skills.

swinging boat ride for sale
Beston Pirate Ship Ride on Trailer

Model Number: PSR-6
Voltage: 380V
Power: 5KW
Size: 3m*4m
Service Height: 1.9m
Operating Speed: 1.8m/s
Floor Area: 4m*5m
Capacity: 8 persons
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The Major Rides Ranges

Our major rides include but not limited to the roller coaster, Ferris wheel, top spin, carousel, bumper car and indoor playground, etc. We have some common but popular models and the models created by our own designers. Those models developed by us are designed and engineered on basis of our experience and technology accumulated in those years. We want our amusement rides to keep up with the development of technology and economy. Therefore, we will keep developing and manufacturing new rides for our customers. Our objective is to let each of our customers no matter where they come from buying a ride they are truly satisfied with.


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