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Beston Pendulum Rides

There are three models of pendulum rides (the giant Frisbee, pirate ship boat ride, and skymaster) designed and manufactured by Beston group. The giant Frisbee and pirate ship boat are the popular pendulum ride type with the passenger-carrying gondola on one end and the cross axle attached to the other. On the other type of pendulum ride (the kamikaze ride), its arm extends beyond the axle and is equipped with a heavy counterweight. The kamikaze ride has two swing arms with each arm extending beyond the axle. When kamikaze ride operates, those two arm swings simultaneously.

giant frisbee for sale

Frisbee Ride for Sale

Frisbee Ride Definition The Frisbee ride or gyro swing is a type of arm amusement rides mainly consisting of a pendulum with a circular gondola and two support arms. The ...
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pirate ship for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What Is A Pirate Ship? The pirate ship (ride) is a type of amusement rides theming after pirate ship, which majorly consists of supporting columns, horizontal axle and suspension arms ...
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skymaster ride for sale

Kamikaze Ride for Sale

What Is Kamikaze Ride? A kamikaze ride is a pendulum amusement ride, which majorly consists of a platform, a central stationary structure and two passenger gondolas on two rotating arms ...
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Why Our Pendulum Rides Are Your Best Choice?

1. The giant Frisbee and pirate ship ride have small versions of kids rides. The mini Frisbee and mini pirate ship ride swing in small swing angles and are smaller and safer than the giant version. Generally speaking, the Frisbee and pirate ship boat are kind of thrilling amusement rides and not suitable for kids. We make the extreme rides available for the kids, and the kids become our thrilling pendulum rides’ end-users, which make our pendulum rides more adaptable to the amusement park rides market.

2. Our pendulum rides are possible to be customized according to the culture and people’s tastes in your countries. You can add the characteristic features or elements representing your culture to the pendulum rides to fit the people’s tastes in your countries. Besides, you can theme the mini Frisbee ride and pirate ship ride after various creatures, fairy tales, and cartoons to grasp the kids’ attention. You are welcome to brainstorm your own design concerning our pendulum rides, we will make efforts to realize what you are expecting.

giant top spin for sale
Beston Top Flip Ride

Model Number: TSR-3
Voltage: 380V
Power: 30KW
Size: 15*15m
Service height: 8m
Operating Speed: 6r/m
Floor Area: 15*15m
Capacity: 20 persons/customizable
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3. Beston group pendulum rids are all made of raw materials of high quality. The paint lacquered on our pendulum rides is made of environment-friendly raw materials, which causes no harm to the environment and human body. The steel and FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) meet the quality specifications of Chinese and international standards. All our assembling pendulum rides will be tested by own staffs to check whether there are safety problems on them. We will test the complete pendulum rides again and again until there are no any risks for the riders. Before carrying out the test procedure, the untested pendulum rides are prohibited to ship to our customers.

4. We have a complete and timely delivery system to guarantee the pendulum rides ordered by our customers are delivered to our customers punctually. Once our pendulum rids are paid, we will immediately get in touch with the shipping company while our staffs start to package the pendulum rides our customers ordered. We will order at least one container depending on the dimensions of the pendulum rides to accommodate our rides. We will negotiate with the shipping company to make our rides get to our customers as soon as possible.

5. Comprehensive and timely after-sale service makes us a reliable amusement park rides supplier. We provide our customers with professional and prompt after-sale service. When we get the questions from our customers, we will immediately ask our technicians to contribute a professional solution. If our technician were on business trip or vacation, we will arrange them to answer your questions within 24 hours. Within the warranty period of our pendulum rides, we will offer free after-sale service to you including your consultation and the replacement of spare parts.

6. We set competitive prices for our pendulum rides in case the competition in your amusement park rides market would be fierce. Our competitive prices assist you to get an upper hand in your amusement industry. The reason why our pendulum rides are cheap is that we can get cheap raw materials from our steady raw material supplier. The other reason is that we are not a dealer so we don’t need to raise the price of our pendulum ride for splitting our benefits with a supplier. Take our competitive price and win the competition in amusement park industries.

skymaster ride for sale
Beston Kamikaze Show Ride

Model Number: SKM-2
Material: FRP & Steel
Arms: 2
Height: 10m
Capacity: 24 persons/customizable
Floor area: 10m*15m
Power: 32KW
Voltage: 380V
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Pendulum Rides Physics Applied to Beston Pendulum Rides

Our pendulum rides use the concept of gravity and centripetal force to operate. The pendulum rides physics concerning our pendulum rides are related to gravity force and centripetal force. The centripetal force acts on our pendulum rides in two different ways. The centripetal force acts on the main cross axle to drive the gondola to swing back and forth. It also acts to the gondola to turn the gondola. Every object has its gravity force: at the top of a circle, the gravity force adds to the tension force generated by the center of the circle. This makes the rides experience the weightless feeling.

Beston Pendulum Rides Sales

Beston pendulum rides are made of raw materials in premium quality and environment-friendly paint. Our major pendulum rides are the giant pendulum, pirate ship boat ride, and kamikaze ride. The giant Frisbee and pirate ship ride are the popular models of pendulum rides. Compared with those two popular versions, the kamikaze ride has two swing arms, and swing arms extend beyond the cross axle.


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