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All the spinning rides have at least one central spinning mass, and the rotary parts spin around the central mass. Some models of our spinning amusement park ride spin horizontally in a full circle such as human gyroscope ride,  flying chair, ocean walk ride, high swing, and carousel ride. Some versions spin around the central structures back and forth and finally reach the highest point where the spinning mass is vertical to the ground such as pirate ship ride, Frisbee ride, and top spin. Some versions spin in irregular directions but finally in a circle such as Miami ride. Except for spinning around the central mass, some versions’ gondolas also can flip themselves such as the energy storm ride and liberty music bar ride.

top spin ride for sale

Top Spin for Sale

Top Spin Ride The top spin or space travel is one of the thrilling amusement park rides. This top flip ride was developed and defined by Huss Park Attractions. After ...
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giant frisbee for sale

Frisbee Ride for Sale

Frisbee Ride Definition The Frisbee ride or gyro swing is a type of arm amusement rides mainly consisting of a pendulum with a circular gondola and two support arms. The ...
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tagada for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

Tagada Ride Definition A tagada is an amusement ride made by various amusement ride manufacturers. The tagada ride is designed as a big round bowl. The pneumatic arms are the ...
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famous carousels

Carousel Rides for Sale

How Much Do You Know About Carousel? A carousel or roundabout is an amusement park rides. Because the carousel operates like a merry go round, another name for carousel is merry ...
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octopus amusement park ride for sale

Octopus Ride for Sale

What Is An Octopus Ride? The octopus ride is a type of spin rides. An octopus wearing different expressions sits on the top of the ride, and under the octopus, ...
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fun ocean walk amusement ride for sale

Ocean Walk Ride for Sale

Do You Have Any Idea about Our Ocean Walk Ride? The ocean walk ride is a variation on Samba balloon ride and swing carousel, mainly consisting of a platform, a ...
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skymaster ride for sale

Kamikaze Ride for Sale

What Is Kamikaze Ride? A kamikaze ride is a pendulum amusement ride, which majorly consists of a platform, a central stationary structure and two passenger gondolas on two rotating arms ...
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pirate ship for sale

Pirate Ship Ride for Sale

What Is A Pirate Ship? The pirate ship (ride) is a type of amusement rides theming after pirate ship, which majorly consists of supporting columns, horizontal axle and suspension arms ...
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jump funfair ride for sale

Jump Ride for Sale

Jump Ride Description The jump ride or jump and smile ride is a type of amusement park rides with several radial arms around the central structure. The gondolas with seats ...
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Modern Times Ride

Modern Times Ride for Sale

What Is Modern Times Ride? The modern times ride is a variation on self-control plane ride in which riders can be lifted into the air or lowered to the ground ...
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Beaston break dance for sale

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Break dance ride is a type of thrill rides designed and manufactured by various amusement park rides manufacturer. The break dance consists of a giant platform, upon which are installed ...
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liberty music bar ride

Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale

Have You Ever Heard of Our Liberty Music Bar Ride? The liberty music bar ride is a type of new amusement park rides, which rotates in a full circle horizontally ...
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What Makes Our Customers Choose Our Spinning Rides?

1. Reliable Brand

Till now, Beston group has exported its products to over 20 countries so Beston has enjoyed great popularity in amusement rides industry. Our customers take our spinning rides for their own use or resell our rides to their customer. In this way, Beston brand has been recognized by our customers and spread all over the world. Now Beston has become a popular and reliable designer, engineer and manufacturer of amusement rides.

2. Premium Quality

All the raw materials including steel and fiber reinforced plastic meet the quality requirements of Chinese and international standard. After our spinning fairground rides are assembled completely, we arrange our own staffs to test the performance of each ride by taking the rides themselves. If there were risks concerning safety, we would arrange our technicians to improve their functions and remove the safety threats. We would test our spinning rides over and over again until there are no any safety threats. Besides, the paint used to our spinning rides cause no harm to the public environment and human body.

miami rides
Beston Miami Ride at Night

Model Number: MR12-2
Turning Speed: 1.9m/s
Capacity: 12 persons
Power: 17KW
Max Service Height: 1.95m
Max Turning Diameter: 10m
Fencing Diameter: 5m*10m
Material: Steel & FRP
Background: Customizable
Light Element: Customizable
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3. Competitive Price

We have worked in amusement industry so we have our stable raw materials suppliers. Therefore, we can control our production cost depending on the low price raw materials. In addition, we are an amusement park rides manufacturer, not a distributor, which implies we don’t have to raise the price of our spinning amusement park ride to guarantee our profits. We just share benefits with our customers so we provide the spinning rides at a competitive price to our customers. Our customers can take advantage of the competitive price to win the competition in spinning amusement rides. Only if our customers survive the competition, it is probable for us to establish a steady partnership with our customers.

4. Timely Delivery

We understand all our customers want to receive their items as soon as possible so we strictly follow the delivery time made by our two parties. Once we receive the order from our customers, we will at once arrange our logistics staffs to contact the shipping company. When negotiating to order the container, the packaging work of the spinning is already on. No matter what happens except for the act of God, delivering the spinning rides to you within the delivery time is our responsibility.

liberty music bar ride
Beston Music Bar Ride in Factory

Model Number: LMB-4
Material: FRP & Steel
Size: L6×W6×H2.5
Power: 24K
Voltage: 380V/220V
Height: 1.9m
Service Height: 1.9m
Capacity: 16 persons
Floor area: φ11m
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5. Complete and Timely After-Sale Service

We have established a timely after-sale service support team. Once we receive your questions, we will ask our technicians to answer your questions within 24 hours. If our technicians are out of office and can’t give you the answers right now, you still can contact our 24-hour online support team to ask when you can receive the answers. Within the warranty period of the spinning rides, all your consultations are free, and the broken spare parts of the spinning parts will be replaced free of charge.

Beston Spinning Rides-Your Best Choice

The spinning funfair rides made by Beston group ranges are from the less thrilling models to the most thrilling models. The less thrilling spinning rides are suitable for smaller children who can’t bear too thrilling experience, which include the mini tagada, octopus ride, ocean walk ride, modern times, etc. Children can take less thrilling spinning rides to obtain the excitement to some degree. The most thrilling models are the excitement seekers’ favorite spinning rides, which include the top spin, giant Frisbee, high swing, pirate ship boat ride, etc.

Since Beston brand spinning rides were installed and operated in the amusement park, they have been well received by the people and already enjoyed popularity. Therefore, it is easy for you to market our spinning rides based on our famed brand in the amusement industry.


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