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The thrill rides are the best way to make the riders’ adrenaline rush. The thrilling amusement rides are the typical and much more popular rides in the amusement park. Since Beston thrill ride was launched into the Chinese market, the ride has been highly recognized by the riders. Gradually, we target our thrill rides to foreign customers. Today, our extreme amusement park rides have been exported to over 20 countries and have received lots of positive feedback from our customers. Our thrill rides mainly include the slingshot ride, roller coaster, Frisbee ride, flying tower, Kamikaze ride, flying chair, half loop roller coaster, pirate ship ride, top spin

top spin ride for sale

Top Spin for Sale

Top Spin Ride The top spin or space travel is one of the thrilling amusement park rides. This top flip ride was developed and defined by Huss Park Attractions. After ...
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giant frisbee for sale

Frisbee Ride for Sale

Frisbee Ride Definition The Frisbee ride or gyro swing is a type of arm amusement rides mainly consisting of a pendulum with a circular gondola and two support arms. The ...
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reverse bungee for sale

Reverse Bungee for Sale

Reverse Bungee Ride The Reverse bungee or slingshot ride which is also termed as catapult bungee or ejection seat is a type of high thrill amusement rides. Do not confuse ...
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skymaster ride for sale

Kamikaze Ride for Sale

What Is Kamikaze Ride? A kamikaze ride is a pendulum amusement ride, which majorly consists of a platform, a central stationary structure and two passenger gondolas on two rotating arms ...
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gyro tower

Drop Tower for Sale

Drop Tower Definition The drop tower or big tower is a type of thrill rides integrating a central structure or tower. The drop towers made by different amusement rides manufacturers ...
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liberty music bar ride

Liberty Music Bar Rides for Sale

Have You Ever Heard of Our Liberty Music Bar Ride? The liberty music bar ride is a type of new amusement park rides, which rotates in a full circle horizontally ...
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half loop roller coaster for sale

Half Loop Roller Coaster for Sale

What Is Half Loop Roller Coaster? The half loop roller coaster or half loop drift car is a kind of steel launched shuttle roller coaster on a half loop. These ...
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Beaston break dance for sale

Breakdance Ride for Sale

Break dance ride is a type of thrill rides designed and manufactured by various amusement park rides manufacturer. The break dance consists of a giant platform, upon which are installed ...
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tagada for sale

Tagada Ride for Sale

Tagada Ride Definition A tagada is an amusement ride made by various amusement ride manufacturers. The tagada ride is designed as a big round bowl. The pneumatic arms are the ...
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What Experiences You May Acquire from Our Thrill Rides.

1. Overweight Experience

Some of our extreme rides make the riders soar to the air in the shortest time and fastest speed. During the riders are sent to skies, the phenomenon of overweight brought by our amusement park thrill rides appears. At the moment, the riders can enjoy the excitement generated from the overweight status.

2. Weightless Experience

When you are dropping, you can have an apparent feeling of weightlessness. When you are in weightless status, the gravity force coming from your weight will reduce. There are lots of free fall thrill rides in our product range of our amusement park thrill rides such as the drop tower, half loop roller coaster, giant Frisbee, etc. Those free fall rides are the most representative weightless experience carnival rides. The rides are thrown freely from the top of the extreme thrill rides, you can imagine the thrill level.

pirate ship for sale
Beston 32 Seats Pirate Boat

Model Number: PSR-2
Voltage: 380V
Power: 25KW
Size: 10m*14m
Swing Angle: 120°
Floor Area: 7m*10m
Capacity: 32persons
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3. Motion Sickness

Our extreme fun fair rides may make the riders flip, spin or move up and down at fast speed. These movements driven by our thrilling amusement park rides may make the riders get motion sickness. As a matter of fact, motion sickness is a kind of feeling people want to get rid of. Motion sickness may destroy people’s good mood for enjoying our extreme theme park rides. Therefore, when people plan to take our thrill rides, they better have a solution in their mind to handle the motion sickness.

4. Fear

We believe you have seen that lots of people are scared while riding on exciting rides. Those extreme park rides set the riders into motion and make them head down in the fastest way. Therefore, fear is the riders’ normal reaction to the terrifying rides and is also a way to make your adrenaline rush. Fear to some extent is a kind of thrilling feelings aroused by our extreme amusement rides.

Safety Practices and Rules of Our Extreme Amusement Park Rides

As a matter of fact, the risk level of thrill ride is the highest among the fairground rides. The extreme ride itself is strictly regulated and supervised by national safety departments. Before our extreme thrill rides are put into use, the rides must be inspected cautiously and strictly by quality control officials. After inspected and certified, the carnival rides are allowed to the market.

To protect the riders from any danger which may occur while the extreme carnival rides operate, the shoulder harness, lock bar across the lap and foot fastener belt are set on our crazy amusement rides. When the riders are lifted or driven to move from left to right by our extreme fair rides, the should harnesses prevent the riders from being cast from their seats. The lock bar and foot fastener belt make the riders have improved our riders protection system, which makes our scary funfair rides safer.

mini flying car ride
Beston Mini Flying Car Ride

Model Number: FCR-2
Track Size: (L) 6.76M* (W) 1.15m*(H) 1.95m
Car Size: (L)3.4m* (W) 1.5m*(H) 1m
Capacity: 12 persons
Power: 2.2KW/0.75KW
Voltage: 380V
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Our amazing thrill rides have height and age restrictions. Not all ages fit our extreme funfair ride because the extreme thrilling rides are dangerous to some degree. The seats integrated with our extreme amusement are designed depending on the height and size of the adult. The seats of our thriller ride are too large for small kids. If the small kids neglect our warnings and take our thrill rides, they might fall from their seats. Falling from our extreme fairground rides may cause the fatal damage to the rides. About the specific height and age restrictions, please see the relevant thrill rides. Besides, people with heart attack and high blood pressure are prohibited to take our thrill rides.

Our safety practice and rules are set to protect the riders from any risk that would happen to the riders. Therefore, you have to compel your end-users to follow those practices and rules. If the riders don’t’ put the practices and rules you tell them into force, you need to persuade the rider not to take our thrilling rides.

Beston Thrill Rides for Sale

Beston group has a variety of thrill rides for your options. The raw materials (steel and fiber reinforced plastic) applied to our thrill rides are of high quality. The paint used on our thrilling rides cause no harm to the environment and human body. The models on our website are the standard thrilling rides. If you think our standard models are not what you need, please contact us, and we can customize a model you truly fancy.


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