Virtual Reality Rides for Sale

What is VR ride?

VR Rides is the abbreviation of the virtual reality amusement rides making full out of underlying immersive experience and technology. Our virtual reality ride majorly is VR simulator. Before I explain the definition of virtual reality simulator, I want to demonstrate briefly about immersive technology. Immersive technology is the technology blurring the border between the physical world and virtual world. VR simulator rides can be installed at home and fairground or amusement park. Normally, the riders of VR simulator rides are shown a movie while their VR chair moves to correspond to the movements on screen.

roller coaster simulator for sale
VR Roller Coaster Simulator

Model Number: VRS-1
Voltage: 220V
Platform: Electric
Special effect: 360-degree view
Glasses: VR Glasses
Seats: 1 seat/2 seats/3 seats
Color: customizable
Films: 360-degree 9D VR Movies

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VR Rides Models Designed and Manufactured by Beston Group

VR Roller Coaster Simulator for sale

Beston group is a virtual roller coaster maker. The virtual reality roller coaster ride makes the riders feel they are truly riding on a flipping, rotating and reversing roller coaster. The riders are seated into the virtual reality chair which is hydraulic. The hydraulic chair will move as the roller coaster in the movies operating.

Motion Simulator for sale

The VR motion simulator innovated and manufactured by the amusement supplier Beston group will shock you. Our motion ride possesses astonishing appearance and amusing performance. The virtual reality motion platform provides the riders with the most amazing VR game experience. Buy motion simulator from us to see what we can bring you.

Video game simulator for sale

We have incorporated a large quantity of VR Simulator Games including the motion ride games. In addition, the riders can insert the video games they fond of to Our VR simulator. If you think our game simulators are not what you are expecting, you can contact us to customize your own unique video game simulator.

video game simulator for sale
Video Game Simulator

Model Number: VRG-1
Capacity: 1 person
Playing time: 3-10 mins
Weight: 375kg/405kg
Items: VR headsetsx1, Ring light with screenx1, Coin systemx1, VR Gatlingx1
Computer Configuration: CPU: I5, Graphic Card, GF1050, Hard disk: 240G, Memory Card: 8GB

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Car simulator machine for sale

Our car simulator is designed as a car. As a matter of fact, I this is a VR kids ride. The car can accommodate a child, not an adult. Children can ride on the car simulator and experience the real car adventure. The car simulator can swing back and forth and from left to right.

car simulator machine for sale
Car Simulator Machine

Model Number: CSM-1
Power of the Motor: 4.6KW
Driving method: Swing arm
Voltage: AC 220V 380V
Control method: Servo control
Max stroke of rocker arm: 260mm
Max ascending distance: 260mm
Left-right angle: 20°/s
Back-forth angle: 20°/s
Net weight: 420kg
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Interactive sports simulator for sale

The interactive sports simulator made by the VR rides manufacturer Beston is equipped with a diverse super-category of sports events. We are utilizing the immersive technology to closely simulate real sports activities. If necessary, you can come to our VR rides exhibition to experience our virtual reality sports simulator.

Besides the VR rides models mentioned above, we are endeavoring to develop new high-end models according to the improvement of immersive technology. We believe the new version will be coming soon because the technology is in rapid development and update. We will make our engineer’s technology and skills keep up with the development of the immersive technology. In this way, we can create and supply more and more new virtual reality rides to our customers.

motorbike simulator for sale
Simulator Bike

Model Number: VRB-1
Color: Customizable
Seats: Elastic Lycra soft sport cushion
Flywheel: Chrome/iron solid electroplate
Brake System: Emergency brake system
Mobile Design: Double-wheel movement
Assemble Size: 1.2*0.55*1.25m/1.1*0.5*1.15m
Load Capacity: 180kg/150kg
Net/Gross Weight: 46-70kg
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Where Beston VR Rides are applicable to

Our virtual reality machine can be installed at home, amusement parks, and any other enclosed places you prefer to. Our customer can be an end-user or a dealer. Both of you are welcomed to experience our VR rides. One of the merits of the amusement attraction simulator is you can move the VR machine to anywhere you would like to place it. You can resell our VR rides to a private making the users enjoy their fun personal lives with their friends or family. Meanwhile, you can install our VR motion simulator in an amusement park, shopping center, or a garden to generate more profits from our VR simulator.

Beston Virtual Reality Simulator Price

We assure all our VR rides’ price is acceptable and reasonable. Beston group is a famous and celebrated VR machine supplier. We make the most use of our resources and technology to lower our manufacturing cost and meet our customers’ psychological price. We wish all our customers buying virtual reality equipment from us would make profits. In this way, we can establish a long-term partnership with our customers. A win-win situation is what we would like to achieve with our customers.

virtual reality simulator games
Motion Ride Games

Model Number: VRG-2
Voltage:AC 220V
Motherboard: B150
Size: L330*W300*H240
Power: 500W
CPU: I5-6500
Memory: 8G
Graphics Card: GTX1060-6G
Hard Drive: SSD120G
Capacity: 1 person
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Beston Virtual Reality Machine for Sale Is Customizable

Although we have many VR rides models for your choices, we still want to give our customers a chance to customize their own attraction simulator. You can design your own virtual rides to your countries’ cultures and users’ preference. After we evaluate the feasibility of your design proposal, we will offer you a practical solution and estimated price for your reference. You can determine whether you will customize your virtual ride simulator according to the estimated price. The parts we can customize basically include the shapes and colors of our virtual reality simulators. If you require further modifications to our virtual reality rides, we will check with you if your ideas are practical.

Beston VR Chair’s Features

We suppose all the riders need a cozy VR chair. VR chair gives them a comfortable and secure feeling to enjoy the pleasure brought the entertainment equipment. The virtual reality chair integrated with our virtual reality machine can swing or move as needed. Most of our VR chair is hydraulic. The reason why we make our VR chair movable is that we want our users to obtain a fascinating virtual reality experience. The quality of our VR chair is strictly supervised by our quality control system. All the raw materials employed to our VR chair meet the standard quality requirements. In addition, our VR chair is safe and rigid enough to bear an adult’s weight.

virtual reality rides for sale
Players Riding on Beston VR ride

virtual reality simulator for sale
VR Motion Ride in Operation

If you are attracted by our VR rides, please contact us for the model you are fond of.

VR Rides Designer and Manufacturer-Beston Group

Beston Group has the sophisticated immersive technology and expertise VR technology developer. The virtual reality simulators designed and made by us have been recognized by our customers. Some privates buy our VR rides for their own use. Some of our customers promoted and resold our virtual reality rides in their virtual reality market. The VR simulators do bring profits for our customers, and now we have built a solid business cooperation relationship. Our VR rides are divided into interactive rides and non-interactive versions. Both of them have their own respective advantages. You can consider choosing the version you are really fond of.


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